Home gutter cleaning & repair specialists Gutter Clear Plus. Get your's cleaned with our first class gutter clearing service using specialist equipment at amazing prices. Spruce up your roofline with our advanced soffit, fascia and gutter washing service using proven restoring products that clean and protect your uPVC investment.
Or why not ask us to paint your existing wooden soffits and fascias to prolong the life of them while making your roofline look fresh, clean and attractive.

Thinking about installing gutter guard? From our vast experience in this sector Gutter Clear Plus supply and install the most effective gutter guard on the market to help you prevent the build up of debris and reduce the risk of blockages as well as preventing pests. Call today for a quote within 30 minutes.

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The following post codes are the main locations we work, however, we may be able to complete work in other areas as we are expanding all the time. Please contact us to find out. gutter cleaning, maintenance and repair in:

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Gutter Cleaning

There are many advantages of using specialists to carry out gutter cleaning, after all it is not a pleasent job to do yourself and there are big risks involved. If you are to takle this gutter cleaning yourself then you must firstly be competent at working at height, have suitable equipment and protective clothing to protect you from the contaminents that you would otherwise come into contact with i.e. bird excrement. Not only that you need plenty of patience and time to complete the job the conventional way which is very tedious, time consuming and tiring. Contact us to get a FREE no obligation gutter cleaning quote.

Soffit and Fascia Washing

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Would you like to improve the appearance of your home? Maybe you are looking to sell your house and would like to make it more appealing to a potential buyer? Why not restore your dirty guttering to its former glory? As well as gutter cleaning, Gutter Clear Plus offer a Soffit, Fascia and gutter washing service for a very competitive price...Contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation...  

Gutter Guard Protection

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Sudell & Kennedy are supllies and installers of the gutter guard hedgehog gutter brush.

In our experience unlike hedgehog gutter brush, other gutter guard systems have proven to be ineffective.

If you are interested in having this installed on your property please contact us


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