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Guaranteed for 30 years
Gutter Clear Plus supply and install a combination of style and substance with a comprehensive range of PVC building products for roofline and rainwater systems.

  • Leak-free, fully integrated system
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • 30 year transferable guarantee on white
  • 10 year transferable guarantee on colour and woodgrain
  • Environmentally Friendly
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Guttering and Roofine Solutions

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Need replacement gutters? Here at Sudell & Kennedy Limited, we only supply and install the best guttering materials and at suprising value. The rainwater range we supply is designed to be leak-free and stay that way. It withstands extreme differences in temperature, from a scorching 30°C down to a finger numbing -15°C. It will protect your home whatever the weather.

Fluctuations in temperature cause gutters to expand in the heat and contract in the cold. This constant movement puts stress on standard gutter seals which are inflexible and hard, so they soon begin to leak. The rainwater systems we use, are fitted with long-life, advanced compressible gutter seals which permit movement without creating gaps that allow water to escape.

The guttering we supply has a distinctive layer of white PVC inside the gutter, whatever the colour on the outside, this cleaverly reduced the amount of heat absorbed and decreases movement by 40% campared to a standard system, so it performs all year round, and stays leak-free longer.

As well as reflecting heat and accomidating movement, our range is better protected against UV rays that cosmetically and physically age materials. This is due to the sunblock ingredient that is used during the manufacturing process (Titanium Dioxide) making these systems more durable and anti ageing.

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