Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters - At Gutter Clear Plus we specialise in planned and reactive gutter cleaning maintenance for all types of commercial properties covering most of the uk.

We can provide a gutter cleaning service and a gutter repairs service for all different types, shapes and sizes of commercial properties such as warehouses, shops, office blocks, apartment blocks, schools, colleges, churches, pubs, clubs and nursing homes just to name a few.

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The following post codes are the main locations we work, however, we may be able to complete work in other areas as we are expanding all the time. Please contact us to find out.

DE21 DE22 DE24 DE4 DE45 DE5 DE55 DE56 DE7 DE72 DE75 DE99 DN1 DN10 DN11 DN12 DN2 DN22 DN3 DN4 DN55 DN9 LN1 LN5 LN6 NG1 NG10 NG11 NG12 NG13 NG14 NG15 NG16 NG17 NG18 NG19 NG2 NG20 NG21 NG22 NG23 NG24 NG25 NG3 NG4 NG5 NG6 NG7 NG70 NG8 NG80 NG9 NG90 S1 S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S17 S18 S2 S20 S21 S25 S26 S3 S32 S35 S4 S40 S41 S42 S43 S44 S45 S49 S5 S6 S60 S61 S62 S63 S64 S65 S66 S7 S73 S74 S8 S80 S81 S9 S96 S97 S98 S99

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We want to be the biggest Commercial Gutter Cleaning Contractor in England.

We are a proffessional commercial gutter cleaning company, working nationally across the UK

Gutter cleaning using competent methods of to gain access and clean, gutters.  We use commerial grade gutter cleaning systems, fall arrest roof cable access systems and the use of  mobile elevated access working platforms.

Commercial properties come in all different shapes and sizes and all require different access methods.

Health & Safety

The reason Gutter Clear Plus is growing rapidly in the commercial gutter cleaning industry is because we do not take risks. As with your company, health and safety is taken very serious which is why we ensure that all gutter cleaning maintenance is well planned and organised. Risk Assessments and Method Statements are completed and assessed by our well trained and competent servicemen who have valuble experience in the safety of gutter cleaning maintenance.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Gutter Clear Plus

#1   We find the most Cost Effective solution.

#2   It is our aim to Minimise Disruption.

#3   Only Superior Results will do.

#4   Health & Safety is Controlled and Managed

#5   We gaurantee a Quick Turnaround

#6   Gutter Clear Plus are Experienced and Well Trained in this sector.

Four Storey Commercial Gutter Cleaning Commercial gutter cleaning debris


Complete commercial gutter cleaning maintenance for;

Schools, Hotels, Shops, Warehouses, Factories, Pubs, Clubs & Resturants, Retail Parks, Leisure Centres, Hospitals and Medical Centres, Flats and Appartments, Industrial Units, Business & Conference Centres, Nursing Homes, Office Blocks, etc... 

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