CCTV Surveys

Our CCTV equipment allows us to survey / inspect the condition of your gutters using a telescopic camera held from the ground. This allows you (the customer) to see their present condition for yourself on our HD portable screen.

If you are having problems such as leaks this is a quick and effective way of finding the root cause of the problem. This again removes the need for expensive plant such as scaffolding or cherry pickers...

Call Back Service

Our team of high reach camera survey specialists are able to survey / inspect guttering and drainage systems using specialist CCTV equipment without the need for other access systems such as scaffolding or cherry pickers.

If you are having problems such as leaks, flooding or damp, this is a quick and effective way of finding the root cause of the problem. 

“A CCTV survey can be executed with little fuss and disturbance and they rapidly establish the facts”

Whilst drainage systems are underground and guttering at high level and out of sight they should not be ignored. One of the most serious drainage / guttering issues that can impact all types of property is that posed by leaks or inadequate drainage.

Over time drains, sewerage systems and guttering can degenerate leading to a multitude of problems such as leaking gutters, incorrect drainage, drain collapses and ingress from tree roots etc…  Over time this will lead to greater problems such as damp, subsidence or flooding just to name a few.

A CCTV survey consists of sending a camera from either ground level to the gutters or into the drains and making a video recording of what is present. The footage is reviewed by an engineer to pin point regions of damage or blockage in which a repair programme can be organized for the client.

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